Monday, June 6, 2011

Sarah Palin undecided on running for presidency

Sarah Palin by infacinatorinc
Sarah Palin, a photo by infacinatorinc on Flickr.

Sarah Palin was talking to Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace on the potential 2012 presidential hopefuls, when she said that she has not decided about running for presidency.
Palin, a paid contributor to the Fox network, was asked about messing up historical facts on Paul Revere, when she said that his famous midnight ride was to warn the British that they are not going to win against the well-armed Americans.
But it turned out she was messing up historical facts as Revere travelled at night to avoid being caught as he was on a mission to inform the American revolutionaries that the British planned to arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams. He had to take extra care because some people of his circle had become British informants.
On her position on presidency, not particularly now, but right after losing the last attempt for the post of Vice President, running with John McCain in 2008, all her moves showed that she was aiming at the next presidency. And always she was considered an unconfirmed candidate, and her actions showed that. So, it is a bit surprising to hear her say otherwise!