Saturday, November 1, 2008

Country First - photoshop-ed

Country First - photoshop-ed
Country First, originally uploaded by andreaslouws.

See the original photo below.

Here is the report of what he added to this photoshop-ed photo:
Posted 4 weeks ago.

And Andreaslouws says, "Why this photoshop?" And he says as below:

He does not want to compare John McCain with Stalin's dictatorship, like all those sickening comparisons with Hitler or Bush. It's John McCain's slogan, "Country First" which amazes him. It amazes him (as a non-American) that patriotism in America is taking religious proportions. On the other hand, this doesn't amaze him because it seems like fanatical Christianity and patriotism seem to be indeed interwoven in the USA.

He adds further, from his point of view the slogan for the Republican (small Government) party should be something like "people first". "Country first" sounds a bit too much like `Government first´ or ´money for prestigious buildings first´ or ´money for the army first´, or ´wide avenues with marching armies first´ or ´working man can wait first´. And that is something he knows from communist countries.
In Holland you wouldn't score voters this way.

The original photo is here:

He says, he is not anti-America. He doesn't want to be hateful, but he is just critical and questioning.

Just CLICK on the photo for the original.

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