Monday, February 28, 2011

A homeless New York man with the American flag in the background

Homeless - American Flag
Photo by C. G. P. Grey ([1]) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In an article titled 'Five Ways to Promote Your Text-to-Give Campaigns on Social Media', on February 28, 2011, the blog of Social Media Guide for Non-profits explains how ‘nonprofits are experimenting with Text-To-Give fundraising’, and goes on to explain how nonprofits must tap social media, especially Twitter, Facebook, and photo-sharing sites like to drive home the message to wealthy, or above poverty-threshold Americans that they must donate more so that the poor and hapless Americans are not forced to beg.

The site also quote startling statistics to show: “Approximately 1.4 million New Yorkers rely on soup kitchens and food pantries. Please don't make them beg..."

Please see the non-profit blog's illustrated photo below:

Food Bank for New York City

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