Friday, October 29, 2010

How to keep yourself safe this Halloween

This Victoria-datelined video, though issued with the precautions specific to Australians in mind, I feel, it contains some important precautions need to be taken everywhere, where Halloween is being celebrated.

While Halloween is just round the corner, people are busy shopping for Halloween costumes, toys, firecrackers, lanterns, masks and other artifacts for the celebrations.

No doubt it is a night that is meant to be fun for kids, teens, and for parents and elders as well. So, here are a few precautions suggested in this video, plus other suggestions.

It is suggested children's costumes and shoes need to fit properly so they don't trip, fall down and hurt themselves. As the trend is to dress as funnily or flamboyantly as possible, it will be wise to avoid Halloween costumes that trail about or get caught in hooks or other objects while children run around.

It is also suggested to avoid putting on masks on kids, as they limit visibility and hence increase chances of getting into trouble, especially on roads, where unexpected traffic can cause accidents. Instead of masks, try facing paint and making impressive designs.

It is also important for trick-or-treaters to make themselves seen by others. Wearing black dresses or dark colors make visibility to almost zero and increase the chances of accidents. It is recommended to carry a torch or flashlight, and add reflective strips to costumes so that they reflect light and increase visibility.

Drivers are advised to be extra cautious and watch out for children while on the road, because children may run around and suddenly appear on the roads.

There are many restrictions or ban on firecrackers, but people just ignore them. Permits are needed to use fireworks in countries like Australia, but firefighters say people still shoot firecrackers off illegally and suffer burns.

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