Saturday, October 30, 2010

Marilyn Monroe costumes for Halloween

Marilyn Monroe costumes and accessories have always been an inspiration for designers as well as female consumers, who still have an unstoppable desire to look like Marilyn Monroe, who was and is famous as a sex symbol, apart from being an accomplished actress and a beautiful woman. Halloween season is one such season when Monroe inspired designs come back to the shelves of top brands of clothing retailers. This year, however, as many reports are showing, Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress has caught the fancy of those who want to look extra-special this Halloween. There are reports stating that New York butchers are busy, rather overloaded with orders for the Lady Gaga Meat Dress, and the asking price ranges from $2000 to $5000, as the last news I read.

Coming back to Monroe, the video’s author says, the late actress’ dress is always a sure bet to be a hit at any Halloween party. View the designs on this video, which is just a collage of some of Monroe’s best still photos. And make your own ideas for this Halloween.

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