Monday, March 1, 2010

Did Lehman Bros siphon off US$8 billion?

Let me confess first that this is a crazy video. All that Obaid Karki says need not be true, there can be statistical errors, or he may have a hidden agenda. Don’t worry about it because, all of us are crazy in one way or the other, and what all we say or write may also have lies, half-lies, or untruth. Not necessarily by intention or design, but they turn out to be so, because of our individual preferences and biases. In the same manner, take what Obaid Karki says with a pinch of salt, but you may agree, the rebel in him has some kind of spark that can lead you to truth.

So, listen to this video, if you are interested in finding out what is the truth, or what the nearest correct thing, in case these facts, especially relating to recession, financial swindles, etc. may never come out.

Obaid Karki speaks about Lehman Bros, Barclays, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, $700b bailout of the Bush Era, and many related things. Most of us are through news on these either reading our morning papers, while surfing the net, or watching news while sipping a hot cup of coffee at the comfort of our homes, though the news generated a lot of discomfort, as when the system collapses, the ultimate sufferers are people like you and me, irrespective of who stole from whom, who took the maximum corporate gifts and goodies in Wallstreet, or whatever.

The date of the video seems to be September 27, 2008, and it is the time that most people woke up to the uncomfortable truth that we are through one of the worst recessions, even worse than the Great Depression of the 1030s, expert economists and master statisticians warned. But the truth is the recession was already in right in 2007, mostly triggered by the big real estate bubble burst, big executive bonuses at Wallstreet (and other streets where people fought over ill-gotten wealth), unsustainably high war-spending in the history of mankind, and the readiness of governments and auditors to window-dress economic figures, and then present rosy pictures to the public, hiding crucial facts.

Obaid Karki describes himself in his YouTube profile as “An Outcast Underdog Libertarian Diogenesist Kabbalist Spinoziste Qutbist Pantheon Hexalingual Automath Former UAE Under Secretary Independent Street-Knowledge Urban Talking-head Unaffiliated to a State, an Organized Religion Group, a Sect or a Kin and an Anti Tribal Gentile”. Sorry, I don’t quite get an idea about all these stuff. But I like what he follows up with, like, “Every phrase is an earnest verdict that’s my bio, if you don’t agree with me that’s an honor, it is immoral to appease to please, my word hurts big time because it is quality of a moment of truth”.

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