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Map: Israel, Palestinian territories, Golan Heights, etc

Map: Israel, the Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza Strip), the Golan Heights, portions of neighbouring countries, and also United Nations deployment areas in countries adjoining Israel or Israeli-held territory, as of January 2004. This is a heavily modified map by/at source.
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According to Wikipedia, in the area known before the 1967 war as East Jerusalem, a census conducted by the Israeli authorities in 1967 and it registered 66,000 Palestinian residents (44,000 residing and 22,000 in the West Bank area annexed to Jerusalem after the war). Only a few hundred Jews were living in East Jerusalem at that time. By June 1993, a Jewish majority was established in East Jerusalem: 155,000 Jews were officially registered residents, housed in 17 Israeli settlements, as compared to 150,000 Palestinians.

As of 2006, the population of East Jerusalem was 428,304, comprising 59.5% of Jerusalem's residents. Of these, 181,457 (42%) are Jews, (comprising 39% of the Jewish population of Jerusalem as a whole), 229,004 (53%) are Muslim (comprising 99% of the Muslim population of Jerusalem) and 13,638 (3%) are Christian (comprising 92% of the Christian population of Jerusalem). The size of the Palestinian population living in East Jerusalem is controversial because of political implications. In 2008, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics reported the number of Palestinians living in East Jerusalem was 208,000 according to a recently completed census.

As of 2005, East Jerusalem's main Arab neighborhoods include Shuafat (34,700), Beit Hanina (24,745), a-Sawana (22,127), Jabal Mukaber (16,030), Ras al-Amud (14,841) and the lower part of Abu Tor (14,614). East Jerusalem's main Jewish neighborhoods include Pisgat Ze'ev (41,208), Gilo (27,258), Ramot Alon (22,460), Neve Yaakov (20,156), and East Talpiyot (12,158). The Old City has an Arab population of 32,635 and a Jewish population of 3,942.

Source: Wikipedia. Go to Wikipedia for more correct and updated info on Israel, Palestinian territories, Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, etc.

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