Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fallen Sequoia Becomes A Tunnel

According to the author of this photo, “Though they are the largest trees in the world, the Giant Sequoia Redwood trees have a very shallow root system and sometimes a good wind will bring one down.” He says, this fallen redwood tree was made in to an attraction in Sequoia National Park by cutting a tunnel on the trunk of the tree.

He says, “I could not have been more wrong. Sure I had seen giant sequoia trees in other parks such as Yosemite but it was nothing like Sequoia National Park. I highly recommend a visit to one of the less visited National Parks in California… The park is also located right next to Kings Canyon National Park…”

Well, I have seen something called “Tunnel Log”, probably this very scene, and I have it in my old photo collection. It is an old black and white photo from the park service with an old automobile passing through it. I have also read details about the tree that fell sometime ago. Come back for that photo and details on the tunnel tree.

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