Monday, August 30, 2010

Bald Kirsten in bathing suit

Kirsten in bathing suit

Kirsten shaved her head and saw that baldness can be sexy and it isn't just for someone wanting an alternative or extreme hairstyle. She went to the river to take her first steps out in the sun so that she could model in her newly bald head and bathing suit.

Kirsten in bathing suit 2

Kirsten feels more confident with her new look and she shows how bald can be sexy.

big blue eyes

Here is another shaved woman with big beautiful blue eyes, enjoying s smoke and showing she is proud of baldness.

Woman with partly shaved head plus a tattoo on it

Here is another fashion statement on shaved heads: The hair is partly shaved and a beautiful tattoo is created on the shaved head. Quite a nice hairstyle!

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