Sunday, August 22, 2010

The first sin and "Nutrition Era"

A girl eating an apple
Nutrition era., originally uploaded by Domen Colja.

This is a photo by a very talented photographer who says, "There is no conceptual inquiry in these shots, I'm really sorry to have chosen this path with my latest works, dear Flickr friends. The past month I've been trying to simplify my creations and tweak my technique for stock photography and I've ignored my creative ego because of that."

But I find it highly conceptual. I feel it is wrong to say that only advanced technology can make great photography. I believe great concepts make good works of photography. This photo has all that; the selection of subject, great texture and making the subject pose for a dramatic effect.

The photographer has named it Nutrition Era. I changed it a bit for this blog because what reminded me was the first sin, Eve's eating of the forbidden apple! And in the nutrition era, overeating constitutes the next sin!

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