Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time? No, Money, Money!

Bank currency integrated into background images for dramatic photo effect

‘Business connected’, says the photographer, but he adds ‘especially considering how much I personally dislike the idea of the depiction of money for the sake of money’. But he further adds it ‘Might be called an overused idea, but I hope it "works" (you know what I mean)’. Sure, everyone works for money, and some live only for money, all the rest being unimportant and diminished in status like just props to keep you going!

Though banknotes’ photos were integrated into other images/background shot, it definitely has the “Money Effect”. Recent studies have shown that even the sight of money gives people the feeling of well-being and happiness. And even sights of photos depicting money can make you feel better. Try viewing a few photos of banknotes and tell me if you have a mood-swing?

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