Friday, August 13, 2010

Girls in the pool

Bikini girls cooling off in a swimming pool
DSC3145, originally uploaded by dani_rossi13.

A couple of youngsters went on a beach party and they gladly posted their nice photos on a Flickr page. Really nice photos they were, and most people who visited appreciated them, made complimentary comments and felt happy about them. But I found one comment quite interesting, rather intriguing. I quote it, of course with some grammatical corrections and a bit of change to remove some words that I do not want in this blog.

So, here it goes, "I know what you mean Marlies... running around these Resort Hotels and beaches --- alcohol, guys, and music 24/7? I used to feel that way too, but as she is 22 and Val is 27, I usually just worry at spring break but have proven they are pretty responsible and stick together with friends. I've burned that 'Don’t ever do this or that... Make sure you... If this happens make sure...' Into their subconscious I hope! I get cell numbers and call a couple times a day... all info on who she's with and where she at.. I can’t be with her and to be honest? If I thought about it? I would be a ball of nerves worrying. So, I just give her and her friends to God because He can watch over her when I can’t. I can actually say I'm glad she is enjoying life and able to have fun and travel a little at this young age and be okay with it."

Is it a lament, advisory, or reflections on times gone by?

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